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Wheelhopper Hash House Harriers -- Since 1992

Riding Atlanta's best shiggy!

Rides happen around the Metro Atlanta area. We meet every third or fourth Sunday of the month at 1pm and roll out at 1:30.

Checkout upcoming hash listing for ride schedules. We are a social hashing club out to ride fun trails...this is not a race but we ride furiously in search of the BN symbol. 

Bring your friends; everyone is welcomed. We follow the flour to reach the ending and the brews. 

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Pay your $8 bucks to the hash cash prior to each ride. We budget for flour, beer, sodas (or "Cokes" if you are actually from around here), "malternative" beverages, and muchies for a certain number of people every month.Obviously, we make some guesses. Some weeks we are able to cover costs, some weeks we aren't. All monies collected are turned into the HashCash. This funds the beverage/snack purchase, by the BeerMeister to refill what was consumed, for the next trail.

It also goes into the fund for buying folks mugs or other commemoratives for jubilee rides such as their 40th ride.(You must hare at least one ride to get a mug.) 

Next Hash: Wheelhopper #410 - 6/3-5 - Ft Yargo Campout

When: Jun 03, 2016 11:00 AM to Jun 05, 2016 12:00 PM
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Hares: I Dream of Weanie & Semenhole Campout at the Pioneer Campground on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Some details about Hash & Crash 2016 –––June 3-4-5–––––

What: Campout with SoCo Friday night, Wheelhopper & Pinelake Saturday (a swim will be added for a tri-hashalon option), and maybe a Hog Mountain on Sunday in the general vicinity

When: June 3-4-5 Campout

Southern Comfort Run: June 3, Friday, meet at 7pm, hare off at 7:30pm

Wheelhopper Ride: June 4, Saturday, meet at 11pm, off 11:30am

Pinelake Run: June 4 Saturday, Hare out at 2:30pm

Where: Fort Yargo State Park in the Pioneer campground: Look at the park map to find the Pioneer campground ... itemap.pdf

Who: Whoever shows up

Cost: You pay for the hashes. Soco will be $12 to pay for the campground, extra beer and munchies. If you come to camp and not SOCO, just come up to Fvckeye and say, "here's five bucks for the campout" and I will throw it in the bucket for GaState Parks fee and any extra will go to the hash.

Special Instructions: Its a campout with a lake nearby. Bring hashing stuff, food, camping stuff, beer in cans :drunk: (hashes only pay for your hashing beer not to get your drunk all weekend), booze, frisbee, kayak, pool, friends. Yargo is near to Atlanta and there is no cost. Feel free to cum for some or all of the weekend but don't drive home drunk. If you don't have a tent, be nice to a hasher and maybe they'll let you sleep in their tent. ;) If you are extra nice maybe they'll let you sleep in their sleeping bag. :lol: Just bring whatever you need for a weekend of fun. I promise you will have a blast.

Saturday night: I am bringing 2 pork butts that will be expertly smoked by Gentri. If you wanna join a potluck, bring a side or your own pork butt.

Remember, this weekend is all expertly disorganized. The magic will come when you make it.

Fort Yargo Hash and Crash: You just can't plan this shlt.

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